Office workers with neck pain, tight shoulders, numbness or tingling in hands, who can’t turn your head or can’t sit or walk long?

Common, but not normal.

Poor posture and ergonomics at work and at play are micro-traumas that add up over time, which when coupled with a sedentary lifestyle, lead to an unhealthy spine.

Employees not functioning optimally with pain and discomfort are less engaged and productive, and can’t help but take time off from work.

Thrive Chiropractic loves to help employers help employees achieve peak performance and prevent injury due to poor ergonomics or form at work.

Employees are your most valuable assets and happy and healthy workplaces make for happy and healthy employees… which is good for business!


Our OUTREACH @ WORKPLACES aims to promote a happier and healthier workplace so as to: 

  • Improve employee engagement and productivity 
  • Decrease the incidence of work-related musculoskeletal injury
  • Reduce the number of days off from work

We offer:

  1. Offsite chiropractic care at your workplace at corporate rates
  2. Workshops
  3. Screenings

We have worked with

Workshops (30-min)

W1. Posture and You

What is good posture and why does it matter? Plus learn simple exercises you can do at your desk for a quick stretch.

W2. Is your workstation ideal?

Learn about ergonomics and tips on how to redesign your work or home set-up to work efficiently and injury-free!

As part of our Corporate Social Responsibility efforts,
(Limited slots are available each year, first come first served.)

Screenings (1-h+)

S1. Office Ergonomics

Are you working efficiently, pain- and injury-free? Get personalised recommendations to improve your workstation ergonomics!

$30/pax, min 10

S2. Thrive at the Circus

Do you have what it takes to join the circus? Test your Agility, Balance, Courage & Strength in this fun-filled session.

$20/pax, min 10

Take the step towards a happy and healthy workplace today!

1. Reach out to us

Let us know if you are keen on offsite chiropractic care at your workplace, workshops or screenings. Or something special.


2. Create a plan

Together, we’ll customise a plan to help your company achieve its staff wellbeing goals and finalise the event details.

3. Benefit employees

With practical takeaways they can apply immediately, your employees can work safer, be more productive and avoid injury.

Email us at hello@thrivechiro.com.sg or contact us via the form below to schedule an offering today!