Chiropractic Care for Wellness

Chiropractic care is more than just for back pain, neck pain or headaches. The scope of chiropractic care is the scope of the nervous system.

Think of your health and wellness on a spectrum with points A, B and C.

  • Where are you now?
  • Where would you like to be?
  • HOW do you get there?

Peak performance can be achieved when your spine is healthy and well-aligned, and your nervous system functions optimally, without interference.

Your brain and body is connected through your nervous system, which affects how your body functions, moves and feels.

Here’s what it’s like when you are in the adjusted (well-aligned) state versus the subluxated (out-of-alignment) state.

Which state would you prefer to be in,
today and every day?

The “Winning Edge”

Do you know that many athletes and even racehorses benefit from the “winning edge” chiropractic care affords?

With better movement, biodynamics and a clear nervous system, notice your reaction time, hand-eye coordination and muscle coordination improve.

If you, like athletes, find yourself moving “funny” or feeling “sluggish”, it may be time for a chiropractic check-up and tune-up.

Chiropractors can help you get well and stay well by checking and adjusting your spine and teaching you how to care for your spine.

So you can be the best version of yourself and do the things that you enjoy.

Whether you notice subtle or significant changes, there is more of the magic beneath the surface: blood pressure, heart rate, digestion, excretion, brain function and hormone levels can benefit with chiropractic care.

Each chiropractic adjustment creates a domino effect on hundreds and thousands of body functions. Your brain is better able to communicate with your body through your nerves, your internal organs can function more efficiently, old trapped energies are awakened and healing can start on various levels.

Everyone responds uniquely to chiropractic care. People have found that chiropractic helps them with:

  • A specific health problem like pain or headaches
  • General wellness or disease prevention
  • A sense of control over health
  • Better emotional feeling
  • Immune function
  • Memory or concentration
  • Attendance at job or school
  • Relationships with others
  • Athletic or sports performance

Reference: Adams et al. The Prevalence, Patterns, and Predictors of Chiropractic Use Among US Adults: Results From the 2012 National Health Interview Survey. Spine 2017; 42(23):1810-1816.

As the body/mind and sympathetic (“fight and flight”)/ parasympathetic (“rest and digest”) nervous system begin to balance, chiropractors have seen high blood pressure lowering, low blood pressure raising, hyperactive children calm down, hypoactive children become more energetic.

How your body responds depends on your body and mind’s unique needs.

Chiropractic Care for Office Workers

Achieve peak performance and prevent injury due to poor ergonomics or form at work and sports!

Neck pain, tight shoulders, numbness or tingling in hands, can’t turn your head or can’t sit or walk long?

Common, but not normal.

Poor posture and ergonomics at work and at play are micro-traumas that add up over time, which when coupled with a sedentary lifestyle, lead to an unhealthy spine.

Whether aching or in pain, or aspiring golfer, we’ve got you.

Whether it’s about looking better, feeling better or functioning better, chiropractic can help.

Because everyone can do with their nervous system at 100%.

Please, don’t go running on empty.

Here is a series of 2-5 minute animations that we have curated on how chiropractic care helps you to live longer, and better.

Watch what catches your eye, or best yet, watch them all! Remember, becoming more informed helps you make better choices for you and your family.

KEEP YOUR SPINE MOVING. It’s not just physical exercise that’s important for your brain, but HOW your spine moves is also very important.
STRENGTH & FATIGUE. Chiropractic can improve strength and reduce fatigue. Spinal function has a great impact on health and performance!
STRESS AFFECTS YOUR BRAIN AND HEALTH. Everyone knows that stress affects your health. Under stress, your brain activates your sympathetic nervous system. So, how does it affect you?
HANDBRAKE IN YOUR BRAIN. We view a study that looked at how chiropractic care may help release “the handbrake” in your brain and how chiropractic care can change the way your brain controls your muscles.
HEART RATE VARIABILITY (HRV). It is very common that many people do not know that the natural variation in your heart rate is very important to your overall wellbeing. Can chiropractic improve adaptability and HRV?
REACTION TIME. Your reaction time affects your work and daily life. How quickly you react depends on how quickly your brain can process what’s going on around it. We look at how chiropractic care can help.
CHIROPRACTIC AND GOLF. Golf is a popular sport. How can chiropractic care impact your golf swing?

Dr Heidi Haavik is a New Zealand-based award winning scientist, speaker and author. She is a chiropractor and a neurophysiologist who has worked in the area of human neuropsychology for over 15 years. Her series of The Reality Check animations are educational, easy to understand and based on the latest chiropractic evidence-informed research.

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