Is your posture anything like this mannequin? 😱

My occupational hazard – looking at people’s posture/spines and predicting problems.

Occasionally, I see someone with great posture and I will do a double take.

Because a healthy spine is becoming increasingly rare, regardless of age.

I avoid taking pictures of people.

But I HAD to take a shot of this mannequin.

What we are exposed to influences our perspective, our worldview or our sense of what is normal.

Just as the classic Barbie doll has unhuman proportion, this mannequin is standing so “wrong” from a biomechanical standpoint.

She may look model-esque but it’s not something we should aspire towards.

For a start, her head is too forward (we term it “anterior/forward head carriage” or “text neck”) and her belly sticks out. Things which can…

  1. speed up DEGENERATION of the joints because of the instability as a result of poor form
  2. affect FUNCTION and movement of joints because form affects function
  3. cause PAIN because what is pain but the fire alarm in the body alerting us to a “fire”

Fortunately, for the mannequin, she doesn’t have to worry about points (1) to (3) above.

But for the rest of us alive with a spine, from the very young to old, we very much do. In fact, not only is the function of joints affected, the function of organs, like the brain, heart and lungs can also be directly or indirectly impaired by poor posture.

There aren’t many things I can say definitively has an “ideal” that we should shoot for but PROPER POSTURE is one of them (except in cases of anatomical or physiological anomalies).

So if you see ANYONE that stands like said mannequin, please remind them of the importance of good posture, or send them to a chiropractor for a spinal check. The earlier (or younger) the better, before we wait for things to deteriorate or degenerate to a point that our options are limited to drugs, jabs or surgery. Usually in that order.

A sportsperson values good form and movement. Even if we are not elite athletes, why should we expect any less?

Posture predicts problems.

And poor posture, like pain or headaches, is common but NOT normal.

Instead of simply telling people to “sit up straight”? We need to educate people on WHY they should do so. Plus it’s not enough to simply “sit up straight” anymore in this day and age given the modern day lifestyle/stressors. Happy to share more in your next chiropractic appointment.

Stay aligned, and keep thriving

Dr Lim

Thrive Chiropractic

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