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Book chiropractic appointments online, easily.

Booking your appointments online has never been easier!

Either access our portal online here, or download our very own Thrive Chiropractic app!

The app would not only allow you to book appointments easily, but also complete office forms just as well!

Please follow these easy steps to download the app to your mobile.

Installing on iOS
1. Open the portal, thrive.noterro.com in Safari.
2. Tap the Share icon (blue square with an up arrow).
3. Select Add to Home Screen, then click Add.

Installing on Android
The experience on Android can differ slightly depending on the device, operating system and browser. We recommend using Google Chrome as the browser while installing the app.

1. Open the portal, thrive.noterro.com in Chrome.
2. Tap the Download button.
3. Tap Install App, then Install.

If you don’t receive this option, you may need to tap the menu (three vertical dots) then tap Install App.

Please reach out if you face any issues downloading or using the portal or app, or if you have any feedback or suggestions.

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