3 Simple Upper Body Stretches

Upper Cross Syndrome is a condition that causes postural problems in the neck, shoulders and upper back. The result? Pain, headaches and restricted movement.

Upper Cross syndrome is a pattern of imbalance of the muscles of the neck and upper body. Key posture indicators include forward (or anterior) head carriage, rounded shoulders, and reduced curves in the neck and upper back.

What can we do about this in addition to regular chiropractic care? Make changes to posture and ergonomics. Also, take regular breaks like walking or stretching! Here are our top 3 stretches to improve posture and balance muscle tone!


Look straight ahead and tuck your chin in.
P.S. Your double/triple chins will show.
Feel the stretch on your neck just under your head.


Stand inside a hallway, with your elbow on the wall at 90°, and lean into the hallway.
Feel the pectoralis muscles on your front stretch.


Pinch your shoulder blades together.
Feel the stretch on your upper back. 

HOLD each stretch for 15-30 seconds.
Do for 3 – 5 repetitions, 1-2 times a day.
If you experience pain during any stretch/exercise, stop and consult your doctor before continuing.

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