What throwing axes 🪓 made me realise

I do see a fair bit of Practice Members with shoulder issues. Some managed to mitigate the problem, some eventually had to resort to surgery.

Shoulder problems may perhaps be the fourth most common reason why people seek chiropractic care, after neck pain, back pain and headaches.

I foresee that it will become more common because of poor posture, computer work, mobile devices and sedentary lifestyles.

As a ball and socket joint, the shoulder is highly mobile, making it also highly unstable and prone to injuries.

Poor posture can be a chronic, progressive micro trauma. If your shoulders are rounded (a sign of poor posture), it restricts joint motion. When joints don’t move well or nerves are impinged, it can lead to pain.

Pain is typically what gets people to seek help.

But that is being more reactive than proactive.

Other ways, perhaps better, would be when we don’t look good (poor posture can be observed visually and can predict problems) or function well (when joint motion is not smooth and not at full range).

Throwing axes was what made me realise I had to do more for my left shoulder. I had no pain, and had good range of motion but it was less stable than I hoped and functionally, I couldn’t throw an axe well.

I didn’t want to admit it but seeing/feeling how hard it was for me to hit the target (more misses than hits), I couldn’t deny the facts.

The truth hurts but knowing it means I can do something about it.

Know better… Do better.

If you or someone you know has shoulder issues, please explore your options (whether chiropractic or not) and for a start, work on improving posture, especially those rounded shoulders.

Stay aligned, and keep thriving

Dr Lim

Thrive Chiropractic

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