We maintain what we value 🦷 🚗 🦴

The last time I was at the dentist I had a huge cavity/chip to fill. (I hadn’t been consistent in my dental checks while I was in Chiropractic college for over 3 years.)

In a follow-up dental check 6 months later, things were distinctively more straightforward – No new cavities and all looks good. No major dent on the pocket too 🙂

This really is the importance of

1. Taking care of our teeth daily

2. Getting our teeth checked by a professional regularly

And this applies to everything in life from physical to mental, from self to others, from what we can see to what we can’t – our skin, hair, nails, car, mental wellbeing, relationships…

And of course, our SPINES.

Unhealthy teeth cause problems. 

Unhealthy Spines Cause Problems.

A reminder to KNOW what to value in life and MAINTAIN them before they become a problem.

Stay aligned, and keep thriving

Dr Lim

Thrive Chiropractic

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