Are you updated on the news relating to spine care?

It is always exciting to hear of the new advances in patient care, especially if they involve local practitioners. And the spine.

In case you missed it, there is a “new spinal surgery technique that reduces pain, improves mobility” and “In the last 15 months, more than 100 patients, aged between 21 and 75, have undergone the procedure at Alexandra Hospital.”

Happy to note that it is “less invasive than conventional methods” and “suitable for a wider range of patients”.

In my experience, Singapore doctors tend to be more conservative in their approach, starting from least to most invasive options. (Yay for us!)

And I’m heartened by the general direction and focus of the authorities on prevention and health maintenance.

But let’s not forget that ultimately, we have to take PERSONAL responsibility for our own health and wellbeing. In all aspects of our lives, including physical and mental.

Surgery is always an option and thankfully there are always going to be advances and new technology. But to me, where possible, prevention is always infinitely better than cure.

I always say, we take care of what we can see like our hair, our skin, our nails, our teeth… But let’s not neglect to take care of our spines too.

Because even if we can’t see it, it matters.

How can we take care of our spines?

Start simple and go back to basics.

Like how you “brush and floss” our teeth daily, make “brushing and flossing” your spine an everyday habit:

  • Watch posture and ergonomics
  • Perform simple mobility and stretching exercises
  • Stay active (better if out in nature for an extra boost)

Then like you get your teeth checked and cleaned regularly, get your spine too.

(Noting that a major cavity or acute/chronic injury may require more work at the onset. Prevention is key!)

Stay aligned, and keep thriving

Dr Lim

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