Spine and Posture

If you don’t already know, the body (including the spine) is amazingly and intricately designed.

We dare say, even more so than any man-made machine.

Read on to find out more about the human spine and its link to posture.

The Spine

The human spine, also known as the vertebral column or backbone, is a vital part of the human body’s skeletal system.

It forms the core of the musculo-skeletal system and protects the spinal cord, a crucial component of the nervous system.

Together, verterbral bones, inter-vertebral discs, ligaments, and muscles work together to keep us upright and help us move.

The adult spine has
4 curves, 26 vertebral bones,
23 inter-vertebral discs with
31 pairs of spinal nerves that exit.


You have 4 spinal regions or anatomical curves

  • the secondary cervical curve in the neck,
  • the primary thoracic curve in the upper back,
  • the secondary lumbar curve in the low back and
  • the primary sacrococcygeal (made up of the sacrum and the coccyx or tailbone) curve in the pelvic region.

The way the spine (and body) is designed never fails to amaze!

The curves allow the spine to be both rigid yet flexible, and distribute the weight of the body for optimum function and movement without strain.

Vertebral bones

There are 26 bones (also called vertebrae) in your spine over the 4 region – 7 cervicals, 12 thoracics, 5 lumbars, 1 sacrum and 1 coccyx (or tailbone).

Each region has different properties, functions and structure.

For instance the neck is designed for the most flexibility and hence is less stable than say, the sacrum.

Inter-vertebral discs

The vertebrae or spinal bones are separated by inter-vertebral discs that provide cushioning and support spinal movement.

Imbalance loading of discs can lead to bulges, protrusions, herniations and more.

As we age, our discs dry out naturally and are a reason why we get shorter.

Stay hydrated so that your discs don’t dry out!

Spinal nerves

The spinal cord exits the spinal column of bones as spinal nerves.

The spinal nerves branch into smaller nerves that travel to all parts of the body as part of the peripheral nervous system.

Misalignments in the spine can cause interference
as the spinal nerves exit the spine.
Nerves carry sensory and motor information, including pain perception and function of organs.

Which is all the more important to keep the spine aligned and moving well!

Ligaments and muscles

Ligaments and muscles keep the spine stable and allow for movement.

They should be balanced on the front and back, on the left and right, and work together to help us to bend, twist and stay upright.

Maintaining a healthy spine is important for overall well-being.

Regular exercise, strengthening the core, proper posture and ergonomics, and lifting techniques, as well as avoiding excessive strain and trauma, can help promote a healthy spine and reduce the risk of spinal conditions and injuries.

Of course, it helps to get your spine checked and adjusted regularly by your chiropractor!



Posture is simply how we hold our bodies, whether standing, sitting or doing something like a sport or activity.

Because our skeleton holds our body up, posture is largely dependent on our skeletal structure, although other factors like soft tissue (including muscles and organs) also play a part.

Tight muscles, muscle imbalance, or organ size imbalance can directly or indirectly affect one’s posture.

Poor posture is common but not normal. It can be a micro-trauma that adds up over time and

  • impairs movement
  • speeds up degeneration of joints
  • causes symptoms like pain

The benefits of good posture and the harms of poor posture go beyond physical and physiological.

There are also emotional and psychological benefits and harms. Posture can affect our emotions and thoughts (cognition).

Pain commonly accompanies poor posture – think of pain as the fire alarm in our body alerting us to a fire.

Pain, especially chronic, is common but not normal and should serve as a red flag to alert us to something we have been doing wrongly, so we do it right instead!

What are the “perks” that comes with good posture?

  • Good structural alignment and joint function
  • Good muscular balance
  • No nerve impingement
  • No uneven wear and tear on joints
  • Body weight evenly distributed
  • Efficient natural movement
  • No pressure on organs

But also

  • Energetic
  • Healthy
  • Confident
  • Pain-free
  • Thriving Development
  • Happy
  • Upright
  • Deep breathing

Allowing us to be the best version of ourselves and do the things we enjoy!

Your chiropractor is in a great position to offer advice on achieving and maintaining good posture (such as changing lifestyle habits, making ergonomics assessments, recommending stretches), in addition to checking and adjusting your spine.

Chiropractic (kī-rō-prak’tik)
A proactive and preventive way to achieve optimum health and wellness.

Health is among our most valuable possessions and Thrive Chiropractic seeks to provide hope, restore health and improve lives through chiropractic. Chiropractic care is suitable for all ages. It is natural, and a less invasive option compared to drugs, jabs and surgery.

Do you…

Have a specific health problem like pain or headaches?

Feel like you don’t move or function well at work or play?

Feel unbalanced, have poor focus, or coordination?

Have a poor posture or feel stiff?

Feel fine but want to maintain optimum function?

If you don’t look, feel or function well, it could be due to an unhealthy spine. Not correcting a misaligned spine can cause it to worsen over time.

Poor posture and ergonomics are micro-traumas that add up over time and

  • impair movement
  • speed up degeneration of joints 
  • cause symptoms like pain

It is frustrating but it doesn’t have to be that way.

We can help you get well and stay well by checking and adjusting your spine and teaching you how to care for your spine. So you can be the best version of yourself and do the things that you enjoy.

Thrive Chiropractic is a boutique chiropractic practice that offers personalised care so you can…

  • Reach your health and wellness goals
  • Experience optimum function in your spine and life
  • Be empowered as you embark on your journey to freedom

At one simple flat rate each visit, enjoy a customised mix of

  • chiropractic adjustment
  • assisted stretching
  • trigger point therapy
  • home care recommendations (from stretches to posture and ergonomics)
  • and more

designed to meet your needs and get you better, faster, for longer.

We listen. We care. We work. Together.

To thrive in life, start with a healthy spine.

Find out more about our pricing, benefits and offers here:

Book an Initial Chiropractic Visit and get your spine checked today. 

Our practice in Lavender is excited to serve the Central-East area and beyond. We also provide offsite visits at your home or workplace for your convenience.

Considering chiropractic care but not sure if it is for you?

Here are links to 2-5 minute animations that help explain the benefits of chiropractic care, for the young to old.


Curious about what chiropractic care is about and how it works?


What are the many reasons people give to have regular adjustments?


Posture matters more than you think, for kids and adults.


What are the benefits of chiropractic care for older adults?

Did you know? The term “vertebral subluxation” is commonly used in chiropractic and occurs when a spinal misalignment affects the communication between the brain and body. “Luxation” means dislocation, and “subluxation” with the prefix “sub” means “less than” a dislocation.

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What is an unhealthy spine and nervous system costing you?

Do you struggle with…

A specific health problem like pain or headaches?

Moving or functioning less than optimally?

Poor posture or feeling stiff?

Poor focus, balance or motor coordination?

These stop you from living your best life. Because you are not able to do the things that matter to you— whether its

  • peak performance at work or school,
  • caring for yourself and your loved ones, or
  • enjoying your favorite hobby or sport to the fullest.

Health is among our most valuable possessions and our bodies are designed to adapt us to survive and thrive. But do you feel like yours is failing you? How would you rate the quality of your life? Are you settling for anything less than your best life?

Beyond Simply Pain Relief.
Tackle the Root Cause of your Problem.

Seeking only pain relief is like taking batteries out of a fire alarm and ignoring the raging fire within. It’s short term, temporary and superficial. There is a better way.

You not functioning optimally is costing you and the people you love a great deal. Persistent, poor posture, pain and function is common but not normal. Every day of inaction is costing you a day of being healthy and fulfilled.

Find out more about Chiropractic!